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The Golden State Serial Killer, Night Stalker

While not as well known as the Zodiac Killer or the Night Stalker, the Golden State Killer is one of California's creepy serial killers. Between 1976 and 1986, he committed at least 45 rapes, 12 murders, and 120 residential burglaries throughout California, and then disappeared without a trace. Who is the Golden State Killer? He preyed on women in their bedrooms, he was known to make disturbing phone calls [...]

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Carl Panzram: The Most Sadistic Serial Killer

Carl Panzram — a tattooed, 6-foot-tall giant of a man with cold gray eyes — stowed away on a ship bound for Angola around 1920 to work as a merchant seaman. After arriving in Lobito Bay, he hired half-dozen local guides for a crocodile-hunting expedition. But Panzram had other prey on his mind. As their canoe wended its way down the river, he shot each crew member dead before [...]

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Joseph Lozito: The Hero who Halted a Serial Hero

Joseph Lozito, the man being dubbed a hero for helping disarm and capture a New York man accused of going on a 28-hour stabbing spree, says that watching mixed martial arts fights for 20 years may have saved his life. Joseph Lozito used his leg to sweep Maksim Gelman off his feet when the accused killer lunged at him on a subway car with what Lozito described as a [...]

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Alexander Solonik: Russian Killer Number One

Alexander Viktorovich Solonik, also known as Sasha the Macedonian, and Superkiller, was an infamous Russian hitman in the early 1990s and was thought to have the ability to shoot ambidextrously. He carried out numerous murders for the Orekhovskaya group and other criminal associations, in the early 1990s. Alexander was jailed again in 1994, only to escape in July 1995 from the Moscow maximum security prison Matrosskaya Tishina. Reportedly, his [...]

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Texarkana Moonlight Unsolved Murders

In 1946, a sadistic killer dressed in a white mask terrorized the small town of Texarkana at night. Texarkana, a small town that straddles the state line between Texas and Arkansas, is also known as The Town That Dreaded Sundown, thanks to the 1976 horror flick of the same name. Set in Texarkana and based loosely on a string of local slayings, the proto-slasher film came out just two [...]

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Jack the Ripper: Unidentified Serial Killer

Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, killing at least five women and mutilating their bodies in an unusual manner, indicating that the killer had a substantial knowledge of human anatomy. The culprit was never captured—or even identified—and Jack the Ripper remains one of England’s, and the world’s, most infamous criminals. All five killings attributed to Jack the Ripper took place within a mile of each other, in or [...]

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Dr Shipman: British Serial Killer with over 200 Kills

British serial killer Harold Shipman, who worked in England as a medical doctor, killed over 200 of his patients before his arrest in 1998. Born in England in 1946, serial killer Dr. Shipman attended Leeds School of Medicine and began working as a physician in 1970. Between then and his arrest in 1998, he killed at least 215 and possibly as many as 260 of his patients, injecting them with [...]

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Serial Killer UK Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Ian Brady, a serial killer UK of five children whose role in the 1960s "Moors Murders" made him one of Britain's most reviled criminals, died on Monday. He was 79. Health officials said serial killer UK Brady died at a high-security psychiatric hospital in northwestern England. No cause of death was immediately given. At a court hearing in February, lawyers said serial killer UK Brady had been bedridden for [...]

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The Chessmaniac Killer: Alexander Pichushkin

Russian serial killer Alexander Pichushkin, nicknamed "The Chessboard Killer," or the chessmaniac was caught in Moscow and convicted in 2007 of killing 48 people. Synopsis Following his arrest, the police discovered a chessboard with dates on all but two of the squares, apparently connected to the murders he committed. Due to the gruesomeness and number of murders, Russians considered reinstating the death penalty. His First Murder Serial killer Alexander [...]

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Pedro Alonzo Lopez: The Monster of the Andes

Pedro Alonzo Lopez, known as the "Monster of the Andes,” is a convicted Colombian serial killer who is believed to have murdered more than 300 people. Synopsis Born on October 8, 1948, in Santa Isabel, Colombia, Pedro Alonzo Lopez endured an early life of homelessness, violence and sexual abuse, becoming incarcerated during early adulthood. Upon his release, he eventually embarked on a killing spree where he targeted young girls [...]

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