Water Pollution: Lake Karachay in Russia

This Russian lake has the biggest Water pollution, she was dumped with so much radioactive waste that it has become the most polluted spot on Earth. The World War II has changed many things in the world, especially in terms of how the countries protect themselves now. Russia, always competent with America, started actively pursuing the production of nuclear power and weapons at various reactors by the end of [...]

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Atomic Bomb: Trinity Test Exposed U.S. Civilians to Radiation

The world’s first atomic bomb test might have exposed unaware civilians in New Mexico to thousands of times the recommended level of public radiation exposure, according to reconstructed data in a new study. The research, led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that ingestion of radioactive materials—primarily from irradiated rainwater and goat’s milk—might have been a substantial contributor to public radiation exposure that was largely [...]

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Russian K-19: Nuclear Submarine The Widowmaker

July 4 is considered to be a traditional day to commemorate the tragedy of the K-19 nuclear submarine that took place in 1961. The submarine crew managed to prevent a nuclear explosion on board the cruiser and, as a possible consequence, a third world war. Not one of the sailors, (there were 139 crew members on board at the time), received a reward from the state and the families [...]

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Cold War: USS Nautilus SSN-571

In July 1951, after several years of experiments with marine applications for nuclear power, Congress authorized the US Navy to build a nuclear-powered submarine. This type of propulsion was highly desirable as a nuclear reactor makes no emissions and does not require air. Design and construction of the new vessel was personally overseen by the "Father of the Nuclear Navy," Admiral Hyman G. Rickover. The new ship featured a variety [...]

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