Murder of Travis Alexander in Mesa, Arizona

Jodi Arias was convicted of brutally murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, at his Arizona home in 2008. “Lying isn't typically something I just do. The lies I've told in this case can be tied directly back to either protecting Travis' reputation or my involvement in his death...because I was very ashamed.” —Jodi Arias Born in 1980 in Salinas, California, Jodi Arias made headlines when she was charged with murdering [...]

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Texarkana Moonlight Unsolved Murders

In 1946, a sadistic killer dressed in a white mask terrorized the small town of Texarkana at night. Texarkana, a small town that straddles the state line between Texas and Arkansas, is also known as The Town That Dreaded Sundown, thanks to the 1976 horror flick of the same name. Set in Texarkana and based loosely on a string of local slayings, the proto-slasher film came out just two [...]

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Jonestown: Mass Suicide Nov 18, 1978

On November 18, 1978, Peoples Temple leader Jim Jones instructed all members living in the Jonestown, Guyana compound to commit an act of "revolutionary suicide," by drinking poisoned punch. In all, 918 people died that day, nearly a third of whom were children. The Jonestown Massacre was the most deadly single non-natural disaster in U.S. history until September 11, 2001. The Jonestown Massacre also remains the only time in [...]

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Detroit riots 1967: The 12th Street Riot

The 1967 Detroit Riots were among the most violent and destructive riots in U.S. history. By the time the bloodshed, burning, and looting ended after five days, 43 people were dead, 342 injured, nearly 1,400 buildings had been burned and some 7,000 National Guard and U.S. Army troops had been called into service. Race Relations in 1960S America In the sweltering summer of 1967, Detroit’s predominantly African-American neighborhood of [...]

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Brenda Spencer: Cleveland Elementary School Shooting

On January 29, 1979, 16-year-old Brenda Spencer killed two people and wounded nine when she fired on San Diego's Grover Cleveland Elementary School with a .22-caliber rifle from her family's house across the street. The two victims were Principal Burton Wragg and custodian Mike Suchar. Eight students and a police officer were wounded. Spencer, the original high-school rampage, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon [...]

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Sarasota Assassination Society: Secret Organization

The New York Times called them the "notorious Sarasota Assassination Society." Thus did the Sara Sota Vigilance Committee make the national news when members of the committee were brought to trial in 1885 for the murders of residents Charles Abbe and Harrison Riley. Charles Abbe moved with his wife and two daughters to the early community of Sara Sota, on Sarasota Bay south of Hudson Bayou, in the 1870s. [...]

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Jack the Ripper: Unidentified Serial Killer

Jack the Ripper terrorized London in 1888, killing at least five women and mutilating their bodies in an unusual manner, indicating that the killer had a substantial knowledge of human anatomy. The culprit was never captured—or even identified—and Jack the Ripper remains one of England’s, and the world’s, most infamous criminals. All five killings attributed to Jack the Ripper took place within a mile of each other, in or [...]

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Henry Starr: Horse Thief and Train Robber

During his 32 years in crime, Henry Starr robbed more banks than both the James-Younger Gang and the Doolin-Dalton Gang put together. He started robbing banks on horseback in 1893 and ended up robbing his last in a car in 1921. The Cherokee Badman netted over $60,000 from more than 21 bank robberies. Henry Starr was born near Fort Gibson in Indian Territory on December 2, 1873, to George [...]

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Timothy McVeigh: American Domestic Terrorist

Timothy McVeigh was convicted of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in American history. He was executed for his crimes Born in Pendleton, New York, Timothy McVeigh grew up in a typical working-class environment. Joined the army in 1988 and was decorated for valor in Operation Desert Storm, before being discharged. He was charged with the bombing of the Alfred P Murrah U.S. [...]

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James Earl Ray: The Assassin of Martin Luther King Jr

James Earl Ray is infamous for assassinating civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. “I had nothing to do with killing [Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.].” —James Earl Ray James Earl Ray was born in Alton, Illinois, on March 10, 1928. A confirmed racist and small-time criminal, Ray began plotting the assassination of revered civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in early 1968. James Earl Ray [...]

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